How could this Leaf make my life better?!

How could this Leaf make my life better?!

How could this Leaf make my life better?!

Aug 27, 2019

I love all things beautiful and natural! It is what makes my world beautiful and happy. I love to “and I do it often” carry my phone with me to take pictures everywhere I go. My pictures are usually of nature and animals.

I was so happy when I learned years ago that if I would focus my attention of something and appreciate it that just by doing this one thing that I could shift and change and even create the life I wanted. So, you may be wondering how this could happen. I started journaling and making lists of things I loved back in 2003.

When I first started it seemed strained but the more I did it the more things throughout my day I would find to appreciate and love.

How could this Leaf make my life better?!

It began to get easier and knowing that I would be journaling those things at the beginning and end of my day I began to take notice and ask myself what made me happy, what did I love and what did I think was beautiful and lovely? The more I did that the more richness I started having in my day because I was constantly looking for things like that. I will elaborate more in depth about specific changes that happened by me doing that one thing, but for now, I want to share something I learned later on that I still remember on a daily basis and I share with my clients to help them change and create the life they desire.

Later on in my studies I learned that on a physiological level when I diverted my attention from something unwanted and focused on something that I could appreciate that I was allowing a pause in the stress hormones and chemicals (sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight) that were being released in my body such as adrenaline and cortisol and If I could hold that focus for ninety seconds that my body could start to then relax and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and my body was allowed to rest and digest and in turn allow the relaxation response to occur. My body from this place could release what I call the happy, feel good chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Boom, I just changed my body at a chemical level! If I could hold that good feeling long enough and release these happy, happy, joy, joy chemicals longer then I could change my body at a cellular and at a molecular level and my body would naturally be healthier because I was allowing the natural state of health for myself. Wow, that is exactly how I wanted to live, from a place of happy thoughts and happy chemicals that my own body could produce in a natural way. Now we can understand why stress makes us so sick because if the feeling of good can create a healthier body then the opposite has to be true, that the stress hormones will create chaos inside ourselves and that is where the root of all dis-ease begins. I wanted to feel good!

Let’s look at the appreciation of things a little deeper. I also learned from listening to Abraham and Louise Hay that my thoughts have a vibrational frequency and that like attracts like. Meaning that whatever frequency my thoughts are on then that is what I am attracting more of into my life. So if I am feeling negative about things in my life then my life will continue to give me more things to feel bad about. However, if I could change my thoughts and think on something that felt better then I could attract more things to feel good about. This…. is what I wanted in my life. I wanted to change my life for the better.

I have always been a survivor and I promise if you were in danger that you would want me on your side to help you figure out how to free yourself and devise a plan of escape, I’m your girl!! But I now realize that it is so much more fulfilling to stop being an over thinker and analyzing everything which leads to worry no doubt, and begin working on changing my external circumstances with my mind and feelings more than with brut strength. There is definitely a time for action but only after you have focused your attention long enough on something that allows you to feel good and only then from that place should you take action. It’s because from that good feeling place you will have what is called inspired action! Any action other than inspired could lead you right back into the fixing mode which never produces much long term change and satisfaction in life.

So back to my pretty little leaf picture! I might be having a pretty bad day, week or life and all I want to focus on is fixing my problem, my relationship, getting more money, getting out of debt, getting a different job because my boss is a jerk, loosing weight, but If I continue to focus on my problems, one is, I will probably get sick from all the stress chemicals running loose in my body and secondly I will continue to attract more things that I do not want or like. Now, instead of sulking in my misery, (well, sometimes I do it for awhile :-)) I will go for a walk. I will do things that honestly if you would know the problems and circumstances you would think that I had lost my mind because I wasn’t sitting at home or better yet, out doing something to fix it. I will make myself go for a walk, go play tennis, paint a picture or whatever else that I can do to allow my “feelings” to get to a better feeling place. It is our feelings that are our point of attraction. My problems may not magically disappear or go away, (sometimes they do) but from that place of feeling good and better, if not that day but very shortly, if I persist in my own happiness, take ownership of my own life, without blaming others, but be serious about creating my own life intentionally, I will get an inspired thought, someone will cross my path that can offer help and I promise the universe will do what it is designed to do, and that is meet me where I am and deliver to me the thing that I am feeling most. If I allow myself to be happy, we are not expected to be happy about whats not working, but be happy with something else, to appreciate something or to love something then I am allowing change. I am allowing change that is good and best for me, physically and vibrationally and I will attract into my life only good that can change my life for the better.

So this is why, this is why I take pictures of the things that brings joy into my soul. This is why I notice beauty all around me. This is why I seek Joy, because when I do I find that Joy is out seeking me!

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