It’s always us!!

It’s always us!!

It’s always us!!

Mar 15, 2021

I’ve always heard that everyone outside of ourselves are just a mirror for us to see something inside of us.

Before I had a true understanding of this I thought that what I didn’t care for in someone else I possessed that same character in me, and I found it not to be true which caused a lot of confusion around this idea.

When I began to look deeper at myself I asked myself the question

Who is someone in my life that I struggle with?

Immediately someone’s face came to my mind.

Next I asked the question, what is it about this person that upsets me ? My response was that they were confrontational, argumentative and demanding. Knowing for sure that I was definitely not confrontational nor did I like arguing or being demanding.

So my next question to me was this. How do I feel in this person‘s presence? What comes up for me when I’m with them? My answer was plain and simply that I became afraid and withdrawn and I avoided them like the plague. I finally was able to say aw ha, I get it.

They are showing me that I am afraid of confrontation and arguing.

Both of these is 100% true in my life.

I would even duck down the hall when I would see them coming.

My next question was how could I learn from this person who is being a mirror for me to hold up in front of myself and learn something new about myself?

I could learn to be more assertive.

I could have the choice to stand up for myself and if I chose to and it was appropriate I could still avoid when I wanted to.

This was a huge revelation for me.

it helped me gain confidence in me and learn to trust myself.

Don’t be afraid to look at others and see what it is inside yourself that they are reflecting back to you.

This is a chance for you to grow.

It’s never them.

Its always us and we always have a choice!

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