This Rock says to me that “Life Loves Me”

This Rock says to me that “Life Loves Me”

This Rock says to me that “Life Loves Me”

Jun 25, 2019

This may sound like a big title with a lot of promises, but I swear to you, this is the building block that started my own journey of happiness back in 2003.

Life Love's Me

You will find a lot of other ideas and practices in my book that I used and will offer and encourage you to practice on a daily basis to begin to create a life that is more pleasing to you, and allowing you to be the person and have the life experiences that you want to have and be but I cannot emphasize the importance of looking for the good things in life in all shapes and sizes.

I remember taking a class where I was encouraged to speak about one of my favorite parts of my day. Just one, mind you, and I could hardly think of one. That is how caught up in my circumstances that I was at that time in my life. I felt as though I didn’t have a life of my own. I felt like a child being dragged through Walmart (that was my expression at that time ;-)) by my arm being led where everyone else wanted to go with no say so as to what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

Life is full experiences

However, I had grown very weary and tired of living like this and I was desperate and wanted to change my life. I used to hear myself saying, “I want to be happy, damn it!!” as I stomped my foot on the ground. I have never been accused of ‘not’ being stubborn and determined when I wanted something badly enough and it payed off being stubbornly supportive of myself even when I didn’t know how.

Imagine the Love

That attitude and that grit is what brought me to where I am today. My life today is a totally polar opposite of what my life used to look like. So, how did looking and loving things and appreciating things like this rock help me to grow and to overcome the many obstacles I was facing back then?

When I didn’t know what my favorite part of my day was when I was asked in a class I was taking at the time, I decided that I would try and create something good, even just once a day, for myself. I would drag out my journal in the evenings and reflect on my day and in the beginning I was able to conjure up maybe only one thing, such as the sweet conversation that I had with the little ol’ lady at the gas pump that day or how I thought it was sooo cool to see the Australian cattle dog riding on the top of the tractor hood as the farmer near my house was cutting hay.

I realized that the more I could think of things I loved or liked or appreciated the better it made me feel in the moment. I also realized that when I wrote them down in my journal that I was reliving that experience all over again so I felt doubly blessed. Then, guess what, I began telling people about my favorites parts of my day, like saying, “I saw the coolest thing today, or I had the sweetest talk with someone today”, they didn’t know what I was up to and I didn’t sound like a crazy person by making it sound rote and I realized again that by telling my story and appreciating something and sharing it that I was really reliving it and in addition I could see that I was lifting someone else’s day up by them hearing about it. I always tell my clients that we are not sustained in life by eating one large meal that will preserve us for the rest of our lives, so it is with building joy and being happy, we must eat and receive the tiny treasures that comes our way on a daily basis and partake in the life it gives us. I will continue to share more along this topic and we commune together here, but before I finish I want to bring you up to speed as to how this small act of appreciation lead to a new life. As I said earlier I started small and intentional because I really really wanted to change my life and be happy. I was committed to taking ownership with blaming anyone for my life. I started with appreciating small things. I like to think of it as seeking out ways that the universe is “Loving all over Me”. I’m always looking and expecting it so I find it. Little did I know and understand then that I was changing my vibration and that “like attracts like” and I would, by doing this one practice all day long and everyday, in time change my whole existence. I later learned that from that place of appreciation and expectation of good that I could “only” receive more good.

Get Inspired

That is exactly what happened. It is a process and a practice. I have not perfected it and it is a life long practice. Since I started my healing journey years ago I went through separation, divorce, having to take out a new mortgage, however, I was trusting the process and believing that good was coming to me and it did and still is. It doesn’t mean that we won’t go through some changes but it does mean that the changes will benefit us in ways that will allow a life that will truly make us happy and fulfilled. Stay stubborn my friend and true to yourself, set an intention of seeking out the little ways that life is loving you and it is my promise to you that you will be blown away by what you find!  Lori McGourty

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